A month-long series of burglaries and sexual assaults targeting single women living near the University of Arizona may be over with the arrest of a Tucson man in connection with the crimes.

The burglar preyed on single women living alone/Thinkstock

Barbaro Tamayo, 49, was arrested Sept. 14 in connection with the case, which involved six “sexually motivated” burglaries, according to a news release from the Tucson Police Department.

Tamayo’s only charge at the moment is one count of attempted sexual assault, but detectives are still investigating the possilibity that he is responsible for one or more of the other cases.

Detectives also “have reasons to believe” that the same suspect is responsible for all six burglaries.

The intruder preyed on single women living alone, creeping into their homes between midnight and 4 a.m. while the women were asleep. Police gave no further details on the crimes, except to say, “(The suspect) has also been very aggressive and has violent tendencies when confronted by the victims.”

The targeted area of his crimes was between Speedway Boulevard and Broadway, from Campbell Road to Stone Avenue.

While the series of sexually motivated burglaries lasted 30 days, Tayamo was tracked down within two hours of a warrant being issued for his arrest.

Tamayo was taken into custody “without incident” at his Tucson home by the Tucson police Adult Sexual Assault Detail after several agencies worked together to locate him.

Those agencies were the Tucson Police Department’s Sex Offender Registration and Tracking (SORT) Unit, the United States Marshals Service, and the Pima County Sheriffs Department Fugitive Investigations Strike Team (FIST).

Police are not yet releasing Tamayo’s photo until addition investigation is complete.


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