More than a dozen women got naked Mother’s Day morning and laid on a hill in Himmel Park to promote peace.

Code Pink members formed a naked peace sign at Himmel Park on May 9/submitted photo

Code Pink members formed a naked peace sign at Himmel Park on May 9/submitted photo

How does that work?

Well, the women were from Code Pink, a grassroots peace and social justice movement with the goal of ending the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as deterring future conflicts. And where does the nudity fit in?

“Naked peace is better than naked aggression,” participant Jhan Kold said in a news release.

“It’s a funny thing when a society allows members to be without food, homes, adequate medical care, but not their clothes. We are celebrating life and offering a potent symbol as an alternative to war. Make love, make art, make gardens…not war!”

Perhaps appropriately, Hippie Hill was the location for the demonstration, which began at 6 a.m. at the park, on North Tucson Boulevard just south of Speedway.

“Fourteen women formed the peace sign, one woman photographed it, three men took up perimeter guard duty to fend off unwelcome interest, and two more women showed up late and missed the event,” said Mary DeCamp, one of the original founders of Code Pink Tucson.

Code Pink members at Himmel Park May 9/submitted photo

Code Pink members at Himmel Park May 9/submitted photo

“The lack of dignified jobs in the private sector allows military recruiters to lure our children into training that’s intended to put them at risk and to injure others. No mother should stand for such exploitation and endangerment of the most valuable of her resources.

“What Raytheon and Davis-Monthan do every day offends me more deeply than a bunch of ladies disrobing in the early morning light on Mother’s Day to call attention to the need for a better path,” DeCamp said.

Makes sense to me.

It’s also quite refreshing that Code Pink members are, well, peaceful.

This is a far cry from another organization, which likes to throw paint at fur coats but will remain unnamed. Those particular group members often get naked and proceed to yell and scream until they get the attention they think they deserve just for being naked.

Good going, Code Pink! We are also happy to report there was neither any yelling nor screaming – and no one threw paint on any fur.

Code Pink, founded in 2002 by four women, is largely comprised of women, but men are also welcome. Learn more or join a local chapter at Code Pink, Women for Peace, at

Please note: Photos edited to comply with editorial guidelines regarding nude demonstrations.

UPDATE: Responses from Mary DeCamp to questions I sent her:

Do cops ever come around and bother you – any local arrests?

Not during the time I’ve been active.

You mentioned “unwanted interest” from onlookers – are people lewd and crude or do they understand the statement the group is making?

You know how hypersexualized our society is, at the same time being incredibly repressive. We don’t want to offend folks, we want to wake them up. We wanted to honor the unique female energy that leads to birthing, nurturing, and healing, not to leering, jeering, or judging.

Do you feel Sunday’s demonstration was successful? Why or why not?

Incredibly successful. It’s not even a day later and we’ve been covered on your blog (so supportively, too) and the right-wing radio morning show (104.1 fm) is covering it, too. The message is so sensible. The urgency is so pressing. The opportunity is so great. If people just knew they could speak up – how easy it is to call for a change and to be heard – they would do it.

The co-incidence of this action and the flash mob doing the Macarana in Park Mall is telling – we are ready for a different way of communicating and you have helped us bridge the gap and reach community members. How do you get more successful than that? (well, you do – the sense of community that sprung out of such intimate sharing among a group of tender-hearted humans is the ultimate and we had that, as well!).

Other Code Pink Tucson events include a Peace Ribbon Tour, a Valentine’s Day Mailing Party and an International Women’s Day Diamondback Bridge in March.

The group also holds an ongoing Really, Really Free Market, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the third Saturday of every month east of the tennis courts at Himmel Park. Folks are encouraged to “Bring something to share: useful items, a vegetarian snack, music or poetry, skills (haircuts, painting, knitting, etc.), or just your smile. Take home what you need or want.”



What do you think?

Would you get naked for a good cause?

Is ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan a good cause?