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As if Arizona doesn’t have enough headaches, we now have two convicted murderers on the loose, along with a devoted fiancée who allegedly help set them free, according to Wanted posters issued by the U.S. Department of Justice.

WANTED: John McCluskey

DOJ’s U.S. Marshals Service warns folks to be on the lookout for convicted killers John Charles McCluskey, 45, born in Arizona, and Illinois-born Tracy Allen Province, 42. McCluskey’s fiancée, the dangerously devoted Casslyn Mae Welch, just turned 44.

WANTED: Tracy Province

Perhaps she wanted to celebrate her birthday with hunky hubby-to-be McCluskey.

A third man, Tucson’s own Daniel Renwick, 36, escaped along with the other two, but he was caught in Colorado Aug. 1.

The group of convicted killers began their foray into freedom Friday, July 30, after cutting a hole in the fence of the privately-operated Arizona State Prison in Kingman.

“Precisely how they escaped is under investigation,” Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan told CNN, saying the place may have some “operational security problems.”

WANTED: Casslyn Welch

You think?

U.S. Marshals warn the convicts are to be considered “armed and dangerous,” a fact the escapees already exemplified. Shortly after their escape, the trio and their female accomplice hijacked a semi on Interstate 40 near Kingman, abducting the truck’s two drivers.

They took the truck and drivers on a ride to Flagstaff, about 135 miles down the road, before setting them free and giving back their truck.

At least none of the killers added any additional murder convictions to their rap sheets.

John McCluskey, who has used the alias Charles McCluskey, has thus far served a mere 12 months of his 15-year sentence for second-degree murder. This sentence was conveniently running concurrently with two other 15-year-sentences, one for discharging a firearm at a structure and another for aggravated assault.

He is described as “white or white Hispanic,” 6’1” tall and 200 pounds. He has blue eyes, brown hair, and a chest tattoo.

Tracy Allen Province, admitted to prison in January 1993, received a life sentence for first-degree murder and armed robbery which went down in 1991. That means his parole was scheduled as early as 2016.

Province is described as “white or white Hispanic,” 6’2” tall and 180 pounds. He has blue eyes, blond or strawberry hair and a tattoo on his back.

No word on what images are depicted on either man’s tattoo, but we wonder if they say “Mom.”

RECAPTURED: Daniel Renwick

Renwick, who was already recaptured, is in the midst of two consecutive 22-year sentences, each for second-degree murder.

Welch’s photo shows a brown-haired, brown-eyed woman with an obvious smirk. Her rap sheet includes a 2009 traffic ticket recorded at Globe Regional Justice Court, but is perhaps on its way to becoming much more colorful.

Alas, that thing called love.

UPDATE 08/09/10:

We have a litany of updates on the Kingman prison escapees John McCluskey, Tracy Province, and their accomplice Casslyn Welch.

In addition to allegedly killing an Oklahoma couple in New Mexico, updates on the trio include:

* Believed to be hiding in or near Yellowstone National Park
* Province thought to split from McCluskey and Welch, with Province on south side of park and McCluskey and Welch in northern area

* Claudia Washburn arrested for helping her son, McCluskey, after the prison break. Claudia is married to Jack Washburn, who owns and runs convenience store near Payson. Jack is McCluskey’s step-father who said he was unaware his wife was helping her fugitive offspring.

* REWARDS being offered: $25,000 from private company running Kingman prison and $15,000 reward from U.S. Marshals Service.

Source: Gannett video

UPDATE 8/09:

From USAToday:

CNN reports that Tracy Province, one of the two escaped convicts has been captured.

Update at 1:39 p.m. ET: The Billings Gazette quotes law enforcement authorities as saying Province was captured near the town of Meeteetse, Wyo.

Update at 1:49 p.m. ET: KPHO TV in Phoenix refers only to “unconfirmed reports” of a capture, but adds that the Arizona Department of Corrections, U.S. Marshals Office and other law enforcement officials plan a news conference soon to announce a “significant development” in the search for the two escaped prisoners.

Update at 1:51 p.m. ET: The Associated Press in Phoenix confirms the capture of one of the prisoners, quoting unidentified authorities.

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