In a perfect world we’d be paid based on talents, skills and experience, with monthly bonuses for having red hair.

Weekly pay resembles chicken feed for some/Ryn Gargulinski

Chicken feed/Ryn Gargulinski

But then again, in a perfect world, unemployment wouldn’t be stuck hovering around 10 percent.

The real way to make gads of money is not necessarily picking one of those high-paying yet often boring fields – it’s being a white guy.

Yes, white men still largely rule the pay scales, regardless of all the talk about all men – and women – being created equal.

This fact came up in previous comments on the Tucsonans get naked for peace article, with a note that women get a paid a fraction of the salaries guys do. The Washington Post puts that fraction at 77 percent.

A couple of commenting dudes insisted men get paid more because they are better negotiators, which I thought was a bunch of hooey.

But it’s not, at least according to another article in the Washington Post. A list of salary stats noted women usually ask for 30 percent less money than guys going into a job, while 20 percent of women don’t negotiate at all.

Chicken waiting for equal pay/Ryn Gargulinski

Chicken waiting for equal pay/Ryn Gargulinski

Guys look at negotiations as something thrilling, like “winning a ballgame,” the Post said, while women likened them to “going to the dentist.”


OK, fellas, you got us there. But before you chortle, please note your playing field is not level, either.

Taller guys get paid more than shorter ones, according to Catherine Cardinal, author of “Men to Run From.” She says every inch in height adds another $789 per year.

Then there’s the whole ethnicity factor. Once guys get into a bachelor’s degree or higher, those that are Asian are better paid than the white man, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The stats also note women of every race are still stuck at the bottom of the pay scale, with white women even making less than men of any ethnicity. Asian women also top the pay charts when among women with a bachelor’s or higher.

Women who want an even bigger salary edge should dye their hair blond, according to a University of Queensland study, as blonds make an average of 7 percent more than their brunette, raven-haired or redheaded counterparts.

Another ouch.

Unfair? You bet. Unless, of course, you’re a white or Asian male.

All are not created equal when it comes to salaries/Ryn Gargulinski

All are not created equal when it comes to salaries/Ryn Gargulinski





What do you think?

Do that stats fill you with glee or make you want to puke?

Do you feel you are being paid what you are worth?

What other factors have you seen play a part in how much someone is paid?

Have you ever been paid MORE than you’re worth? (haha)

Do you know any professions where women are paid more than men?