Most Tucson potholes don't measure up to this thing in NYC/Ryn Gargulinski

Clueless drivers, mounds of construction and chunks of palm tree bark in the street aren’t the only roadway hazards in Tucson.

Don’t forget the potholes.

These treacherous driving distractions invite flat tires, scraped-up car bellies and random swerving motions that are apt to make us run over a cat.

Fret no longer, fellow motorists – the Tucson Pothole Patrol is coming back to town.

Originally here in October, The Hartford Pothole Patrol is returning for a week-long pothole-fixing party starting June 7.

The party, a partnership of The Hartford insurance company with the City, will start by fixing Tucson’s worst pothole, as determined by votes, along with a few others.

Vote for your least favorite pothole by June 4 at Potholepatrol.thehartford.com/city_tucson.shtml

The prize is, of course, having that pothole fixed.

You can vote for those already listed – like ones on Mars Street, Scott Avenue and Toole Avenue – or nominate a different one that made you hit a cat.

Another fine NYC example/Ryn Gargulinski

Another fine NYC example/Ryn Gargulinski

Voting for Tucson’s worst pothole brought up other unsavory road conditions around town.

Like the most useless red light prize.

My vote for this one goes to the one at South Park Avenue and East Fair Street.

It boldly disrupts the heavy Park Avenue traffic flow no matter what – even when there’s nobody on Fair. It’s just not fair.

OK, I’ll admit it – sometimes there is a single car on Fair.

The most-clogged intersection award goes to East Grant Road and North Alvernon Way.

Average wait, at least during rush hour, is at least seven red light cycles. Traffic is not helped along by heavy pedestrian crossings from people going from Wal-Mart to Walgreens to the gas station and Moon Smoke Shop to Fry’s and back to Wal-Mart.

Yes, it’s easy to memorize all four corner businesses when you’re stuck for seven cycles at a red light.

Most annoying traffic camera honor has to be given to one on River Road. While I’ve heard horror stories of the traffic camera at the intersection of River and North Oracle Road, I’m still voting for the one on River a bit west of Alvernon.

Drivers are already getting kooky in that area because eastbound River is about to branch into weird directions, and putting a speed camera into the mix only confuses them further. The camera turns the 40-mph speed limit instantly and seamlessly into a 25-mph zone.

Maybe we should redirect cats lurking around potholes into this newly formed low-speed zone.

What do you think?

Do you have any pothole horror stories?

Did one ever eat you alive?

Where is your least favorite pothole?

Most useless red light?

Most clogged intersection?

Most annoying traffic camera?

Share the horror.