We are an armed society. We have to be. There are too many goofballs out there.

An antique machete beside a dragon skull enhances a bedroom/Photo Ryn Gargulinski

A machete beside a dragon skull enhances any bedroom/Photo Ryn Gargulinski

One creative way to keep weapons at hand without feeling or looking like we live in an arsenal is to use weapons as home décor.

They can enhance the cozy feel of any abode – while serving a life-saving purpose.

Tucson police statistics from Jan. 1 through about the end of Sept. of this year contain a pretty hefty tally of crimes.

These include:

923 aggravated assaults
151 forcible rapes
14 attempted rapes
48 other sexual assaults

171 residential robberies
84 carjackings
43 “miscellaneous” robberies

3, 258 burglaries with forced entries (that’s roughly 12 each day)
992 burglaries using no force to get in
23 attempted forcible entries

Please don’t take this as an invitation to live in fear – just live in awareness. And no, I’m not trying to depress you.

Please also know that most crimes are crimes of opportunity. So don’t offer any.

One of the most recent home invasions was on Sept. 13 when a guy attended a party in the 2800 block of North Tyndall Avenue, near East Glenn Street and North First Avenue.

He left the festivities only to return with three or four of his buddies – wearing masks and armed with handguns.

They proceeded to pistol whip and rob the guests. Have a nice day.

Suspect Nunley

Suspect Manuel Nunley

Police issued an arrest warrant for the main suspect, 24-year-old Manuel De Jesus Nunley. He’s wanted for armed robbery, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and first-degree burglary. Robbery is generally defined as taking something from a person, while burglary is taking things from a structure, such as a home.

Make sure that guy’s not any of your future invitation lists.

Now if the guests had been in a home with an interior design scheme that included an ornamental gun rack, machetes, sledgehammers and Medieval maces, the tale may have had a different ending.

Yes, some weapons can look creepy and ugly. But spruce them up by hanging them next to art. Better yet, hang art from them. Just make sure you attach the weapons in such a way they can be easily removed for use but are not hung too flimsily that they fall on your head.

Another clever tactic is to pick home décor that can double as weapons, such as a cast iron plate collection or candleholders that come complete with ornate, 10-inch iron spikes.

Just make sure you get to the weapons before any goofball does. Stuck for ideas? Check out the slide show with interior weaponry design ideas below.

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wb-logolilWhat do you think?

What kind of weapons do you have in your home?

How do you protect yourself?

Have you ever been robbed, mugged, assaulted or burgled in Tucson?

How has that changed the way you live or view society?